January 28, 2020

K-9 Expert Fair

Students will create a project or presentation, or simply share something they are excited about with other DLC teachers, students and families.

Creating and presenting your project may hit some ELA outcomes. You might even plan for your project to cover some parts of Science, Social Studies or other subjects, in lieu of an assignment. Note: you must talk with your DLC teacher in advance, about whether you can substitute your project for any course requirements.

  • When – April 3rd, 2020 – 1:00pm-3:30pm (approx.). *Please arrive by 12:30, so you can have your project set up for 1:00 start.
  • Where – Kenaston, SK, Distance Learning Centre

You may consider making an appointment with your teacher, to meet one-on-one earlier in the day. Students in grades 1-5 may also come in the morning, to have their DRA reading assessment completed in person. Make sure to note those requests or ideas on your RSPV form – or talk to your teacher directly.

You still have lots of time to think about your project, and you can RSPV until Tuesday, March 31. If you RSVP early and change your idea, that’s okay! Please just contact your teacher.

I want to present at the expert fair!